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PT . WOO IL INDONESIA , is a company Construction , Steel Fabrication , Steel Structure and Machinery Manufacture

PT . WOO IL INDONESIA , established since 1989 in Tangerang , we provide a solution for production machining equipment use in all chemical industrial machinery and industrial machinery and other industrial plywood is appropriate in accordance with the needs and problems that you are facing production improvements .

PT . WOO IL INDONESIA also undertake the manufacture of steel construction for factory buildings , bridges , piles , as well as the engine cradle floor production and manufacturing tank , tank vessel , reactor tank , mixer tank and a gas pipeline to the industry as well as ducting , flue exhaust fumes

PT . WOO IL INDONESIA , with more than 20 years of experience , we provide the best service for our clients . Based on the skills and experience that we have.

PT . WOO IL INDONESIA , we will continue to serve , grow and develop training and education and ready to become the leading company and we became SOLUTION trouble you .In line with the company's development , we also expand the market segments served by developing the business to General Construction and also more detail in the field of Steel Fabrication and Steel Strukture .

Providing good service and keeping the customer satisfaction with the project according to set standard and complete projects on time is our main strategy in developing the business and facing competition in this industry .

Investment in human resources and we continue to refine and tools we already have ISO 9001-2015 and SBU CONSTRUCTION coupled with the location of offices and workshops are located in different parts of the Industrial Estate Market Thursday - Tangerang , and cultural development of honest work and mutual respect , is our primary capital to continue working and working again .

We would like to thank the business partners who have given us belief and to prospective customers , we are waiting for the opportunity to participate in projects that you handled .


President Director